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Bug Reports

Format: [Issue description & reproduction] - Browser Used - Your Name

  1. Every bullet point you create your cursor doesn't start at the beginning of it. That's frustrating - chrome - nathan #339
  2. I think that JoeDocs is duplicating users. I have a document I haven't shared with anyone that is only open in one browser and it's showing 2 users - nathan #340
  3. Link making functionality is broken. link making dialogue doesn't open - chrome - nathan
  4. Daily standup: unable to scroll down the document, content disappearing for brief periods (sometimes appearing twice) and unable to move the cursor, - chrome - nathan

New Feature Requests

Format: [Feature description] - Your Name + how we can get in touch

  1. Separate video chat for each heading in a document. - Ed

Feature Test Suggestions

Format: [Feature description] - thing you are testing - Your Name + how we can get in touch

  1. JoeDocs homepage - allow it to be edited but have the edits not be permanent. Showcase the edit funcationality - nathan #263
  2. Given how minimalist we are with controls, it would be nice have them all as a single click.
    1. Heading sizes as a row of buttons instead of a dropdown, like this:
    2. Colours are only used for headers and so could be removed entirely, and automatically put in headers (cycling down the page). #264
  3. Text size dropdown appears behind document outine. Chrome -Nathan #288
  4. I find it hard to past images in - Chrome - Nathan #122
  5. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR - Chrome - Nathan #289
  6. "Try it out" appears even when I am subscribing to my own joedoc - chrome - nathan #290
  7. When you have subscibed, clickig around doesn't remove the subscribe popup, as one would exepect - chrome - nathan#291
  8. ctrl a doesn't work as expected - chrome v81 - nathan #292
  9. If you copy and paste a section that includes a highlighted header, it leaves the header behind. Mia #293
  10. The numbers and text are overlapping. This is the home page. Mia #294
  11. Can's get rid of highlights. Please see the home page> in link drop> someone has highlighted a text yellow and I can't unhighlight it. I have come across this bug before too. Mia #295
  12. Replies to comments - nathan #309
  13. Way to subscribe to all new public pages from a person - nathan #310
  14. Adding the ability to hover over text and see who added it - does this increase retention - nathan #311
  15. [I already have a joedocs account; when I click on "Coronavirus Tech Handbook" to take me to the contents page, it takes me to my joedocs account] - Firefox - James #312
  16. Cursors flicker and loose position when other people are typing above - Joe #313
  17. Comments popup disappears when people type #314
  18. Virgin media blocking #315
  19. Subscribe to has two boxes the first one says "Give my details to the owner of Joe" -> "Give my details to the owner of this JoeDoc" - nathan #316
  20. nathanpmyoung.com/test redirects to nathanpmyoung.com/nathan/test after clicking save - chrome - nathan #317
  21. Send a link to everyone viewing a page - nathan #318


A way to allow users to

    1. A way to allow users to choose their own contact method which can be upvoted as others become appropriate

    1. But if it could search google too, people would choose to use joedocs search rather than go to google drive?