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The Coronavirus Tech handbook is a crowd-sourced library for technologists, civic organizations, public and private institutions, researchers, and specialists on all kinds working on responses to the pandemic. It is a rapidly evolving resource with thousands of expert contributors.

How to use this Handbook

• If you want to help but don't know what to do, read through the handbook for ideas.
• If you are doing or making something already, put it in the handbook to reduce duplication.
• Leave each page better than you found it.

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  • If you find or make something that you think might be useful to someone, add it to the handbook.
  • Before you start a project, look through the handbook to see if it's already been done.
  • If you are working on a project, join the chat in the relevant section and tell us about it!
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  • Among other things, this website may contain information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. We bear no responsibility for any decisions or actions taken resulting from information on found here, nor do we claim that any oaf it is complete, true, accurate, up-to-date, or non-misleading. Use and re-use it at your own risk!

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What are you hoping to find in the handbook? Write below:

  1. Real-time statistics with graphs - infections, deaths etc...
    1. See the Epidemiology section, below
  2. I am organizing a mutual aid group, I am looking for resources
    1. See the Volunteering & Mutual Aid section, below.
  3. Recommendations/ best practices for communal living situations? How to live in a shared space with 10+ people... 1 kitchen, 1 shower, bathroom etc.
    1. See coronavirustechhandbook.com/home-troubles
  4. Looking for ways to use my skills as a software developer to help with COVID-19 response.
    1. Great! A good place to start is just tidying the handbook, and you'll come to understand the landscape as you do it!
    2. You could help 'lockdown' PWA app that will show various lockdown states for countries across the world helping people to find out if they can travel and at what restrictions https://github.com/Code-for-All/lockdown/
  5. Is there a way to search the handbook (or find out where links in the link drop end up)?
    1. Coming soon!
  6. What resources exist that show what surveillance systems are being put in place to track COVID-19? I(tracking movements on trains, buses, buildings, etc.) What expiration date do these surveillance systems have, if any?
    1. See https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/democracy
    2. See also https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/self-reporting
    3. https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/democracy
  7. A list of findings from any user research (scrappy is fine!) conducted? So that we can better understand problems people are facing as we build?
    1. See coronavirustechhandbook.com/service-design
    2. https://medium.com/@jain.sm/covid-19-a-biological-perspective-d5ea9cedb517
    3. https://medium.com/@jain.sm/covid-19-biological-perspective-part-2-d9d274654fe8

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Crisis Help. Map of helpers

#map for initiatives, events and companies in need

Makervsvirus.org network of makers delivering 3dprinted and injection molded face shields in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Application for managing mutual aid hubs (currently used in the east riding, UK) - includes mapping and location tools, volunteer registration (public form), beneficiary management and task management. UK focused but could work anywhere. Data remains kolsecure within the specific "hub". Cloud app - no installation needed. (ISSUE: REQUIRES PASSWORD)

✉️[email protected]
Mutual Aid User Guide


Free online trainings and webinars


The map above shows you how much influenza-like illness above the normal expected levels we have detected since March 1.



Australian Government 'Coronavirus (COVID-19) self-isolation and test status notification' form

Australia New South Wales (NSW) COVID-19 statistics, with heat map, Confirmed COVID-19 cases in NSW by postcode

Australia Queensland (QLD) Governement 'Special team to boost tracking and enforcement in bid to halt coronavirus'


  • The handbook is huge now. Each of the links below is to a subpage with many more resources.
  • If you want to put a link in this section, i.e. make a new category, chat to us or dm @nwspk
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Tech Responses 👩🏿‍💻

Home 🏠

Work 💼

Volunteering & Mutual Aid 🙋

Getting Sick 🤒

Medicine & Care 🏥

Medical Equipment 😷

Epidemiology 📈

Information Ecosystem 📰

  • Public Advice Information aimed at the general public, such as public health advice, educational summaries, diagnostic questionnaires, surveys, and hygiene tips.
  • Fighting Misinformation Solutions to online trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience in the interest of addressing misinformation in all of its forms. 
  • Sentiment, Opinion & Petitions What do people think about the situation?
  • Natural Language Processing of papers, clinical data, social media, etc.

Policy & Public Sector 🏛

Private Sector 🏢

Third Sector🎗

Academia 🔭

Other 🤔

  • Miscellaneous Projects that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.
  • Translation If you want to see or make a handbook in another language, this is the place for you.
  • If you feel like you want to make a new section, chat with us first

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  • Things are flooding into the handbook way faster than we can organise them. If you’re interested in helping out by doing unsexy but vitally important tasks, join the librarians
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