Gived Ltd. Acceptable Use Policy for Gived Products

26 February 2020

At Gived Ltd. we believe acceptable use policies should help you understand how you can use products. This document explains our Acceptable Use Policy which is applicable when using any Gived Ltd. products. When you use our website or products, you are agreeing to this policy. As this document needs to be written in legalese (lawyer-speak), we have done our best to provide clear summaries in green writing above each section. These summaries are for your reference and are not part of the official legal Acceptable Use Policy.

1. Introduction

In order for us to provide you with great products and services and ensure that these products are used properly, ethically, and legally we have created an Acceptable Use Policy. This is an overview of the Gived Ltd. Acceptable Use Policy which governs what you can do with Gived Ltd. products.

1.1 This is our acceptable use policy. If you use our website or our products and services, it means that the policy applies to you and that you agree with it as part of our Website Terms. Please read this policy carefully. If necessary, arbitration will occur on an individual basis. This policy is a binding contract regarding how you can and cannot use our site, products, and services.

1.2 You are entering into an agreement with Gived Ltd. This policy governs your use of our website and the content, functionality, and products and services provided by Gived Ltd., which we refer to collectively as the “Website.” You agree to our Acceptable Use Policy, our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use, and other policies on our Website by using the website, products, and services provided by Gived Ltd.

1.3 We may change these terms, so we expect you to check this page from time to time as the changes will be binding on you. There may also be changes elsewhere on our site.

2. Who We Are

This is some information about Gived Ltd. We want to help you understand who we are and how you can get a hold of us if you have any questions about our Acceptable Use Policy.

2.1 is operated by Gived Ltd., a UK Limited company registered in England under company number 12480130.

2.2 Some important details about us:

  • Our registered office is at: 5 Lancaster Ride, Penn, HP108DU
  • Our trading office is at: [Trading Address]
  • Our VAT number is: [VAT Number]
  • Our regulator is: [Regulator's Name and Address]

3. What You Must Not Do

There are a few things that you are not allowed to do when using Gived Ltd. products. They are pretty straightforward and basically say don’t do anything illegal, unethical, or harmful to people or computers.

3.1 You must not use the site to do any of the following:

  • Break any laws or regulations
  • Do anything fraudulent, or which has a fraudulent effect
  • Harm or attempt to harm minors
  • Do anything with material that does not meet our content standards (these are listed below)
  • Do anything with unsolicited advertising material (known as spam)
  • Transmit any data or material that is harmful to other programs, software, or hardware (for example, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, etc.)
  • Copy in any way or re-sell any part of our site (unless we allow it under our website terms)
  • Interfere with or damage any part of our site, equipment, network, software or storage arrangements.

4. Content Standards

When using the website and when using Gived Ltd. products on your website, we require that you adhere to our content standards. These standards 

4.1 Here are our content standards. They apply to all material that you contribute to our site and to all interactive services. These standards also apply to the content on your website when you are using Gived Ltd. products and services. 

4.2 You must follow these standards carefully, but please also follow the spirit of them.

4.3 Your contributions and/or content must be:

  • Accurate (if they are factual)
  • Genuine (if they state opinions)
  • Within the law

4.4 Your contributions and/or content must not be:

  • Defamatory, obscene or offensive
  • Likely to deceive, harass, annoy, threaten, or invade someone else's privacy
  • Unauthorized, fraudulent, or malicious

4.5 And your contributions and/or content must not:

  • Promote material that is sexually explicit
  • Promote violence, or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, age, disability, or sexual orientation
  • Infringe anyone else's intellectual property
  • Be used to impersonate anyone, or misrepresent anyone's identity
  • Encourage or assist anything that breaks the law

5. Interactive Services

Some of our services may have interactive elements. Please be aware that for interactive services (where users engage with one another) we are not responsible for moderation or loss due to misuse of tools.

5.1 Our standards for interactive services, such as chat rooms and bulletin boards, are as follows:

  • We will tell you clearly about the service
  • We will tell you what form of moderation we use for the site
  • We will try to assess risks on the site (especially for children) and will moderate if we think it is appropriate.

5.2 Please note, however, that we are not required to moderate our interactive service. We will not be responsible for any loss to anyone who does not use our site according to our standards (whether or not we have moderated the service).

6. Important Notice for Parents

Our website, products, and services are fit for a general audience. However, they are designed to be used by individuals 18 years or older and by companies.

6.1 Use of our interactive service by a child is subject to parental consent

6.2 If you permit your child to use the service, we advise you to explain the risks. Moderation is not always effective

6.3 Please contact us if you have a concern about moderation.

7. Disclosure to Courts

Sometimes it is necessary to disclose confidential information. 

If you have to disclose Confidential Information by order of a court or other public body you may do so.

8. Free Speech

We value free speech and want to provide the widest range of expression possible while still ensuring that we take the necessary precautions to prevent misuse of our platform.

8.1 We want to protect your freedom of expression to the greatest extent possible while protecting our platform from misuse. 

8.2 Our Website (including our site, products, and services) allows for freedom of expression, however, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account for violating our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Use.

8.3 If we do decide to suspend or terminate your account, it will not be a decision we will take lightly. We will go through an agreed dispute process. 

9. Suspension and Termination

Unfortunately, it may be necessary for us to suspend or terminate your use of Gived Ltd. products and take legal action if we have found that you have breached our Acceptable Use Policy. 

9.1 If we think you have breached this policy, we will take whatever steps we think are necessary.

9.2 These might include:

  • Stopping your use of the site temporarily or permanently
  • Removing material you have put on the site
  • Sending you a warning
  • Taking legal action
  • Telling the right authorities.

9.3 We exclude legal responsibility and cost for actions we take to deal with your breach of our policy.